Our Impact

Since 2010, Arizona Career Pathways’ proven workforce development model has provided low-income students with the skills training they need for the most in-demand jobs in our community. In doing so, we are making a transformational, positive impact on the lives of our students and their families and producing significant, measurable economic impacts for Maricopa County and our state.

An independent analysis of our training programs and the return on investment they create for the region concluded:

Arizona Career Pathways is a valuable program to support long‐term workforce training in Maricopa County and generates a high return on investment compared to operating expenses during 2019‐20.

The organization continues to produce graduates to fill positions in key growth occupations in the county in healthcare, financial services, and other fields.

The availability of skilled workers benefits the local economy in general, plus it produces significant increases in earnings and standard of living for program graduates.

Student Success

Graduates of Arizona Career Pathways experienced average wage increases of $35,800 per person compared to pre‐training wages. In 2019-20, 60 graduates experienced a total combined increase in annual wages of $2.1 million.

Many of the participants were receiving various types of public assistance prior to completing the training and being placed in jobs at livable wages that enabled them to become self‐sufficient.

Economic Development

  • Arizona Career Pathways created an economic impact of $12.1 million on the Maricopa County economy during the 2019‐20 fiscal year.
  • Through increases in wages and spending, graduates generate additional sales taxes to the city, county and state and additional state personal income taxes. These impacts cumulate over time as graduates continue to be employed in the county and progress in their career paths.
  • Based on the number of graduates who were previously receiving assistance, Arizona Career Pathways supported an estimated annual reduction of $520,000 in public assistance payments.
  • Arizona Career Pathways’ return on investment for the year was 342%. In other words, for every $1.00 of funding, Arizona Career Pathways produced $4.42 in direct wage increases plus decreases in public assistance costs for graduates in 2019‐20.