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Contact us

Stephen Sparks, MPA – Executive Director
C: 480-773-3485
[email protected]
Chris Payne, MS-Career Navigator
[email protected]
Kerrie Adney-Walker, AA, BA, MEd, MEd
Outreach and Community Partnership Manager
C: 602-312-6192
[email protected]

Ashley May- Career Navigator
[email protected]

Julia Hack-Career Navigator

C: 480-361-5946

[email protected]

James Stormzand – Outreach Specialist

C: (616)690-0193

[email protected]

Arizona Career Pathways:

108 North 40th Street, South Building, Rm 1146, Phoenix, AZ 85034

O: 602.286.8092

Office Hours:

By Appointment

Office visits should only be for those situations where you feel an in-person meeting will be helpful. Many situations can be resolved through  Google Meets or email. Please contact us.

Schedule visits by email as follows:

Monday – Julia Hack, Career Navigator; [email protected]

Wednesdays Ashley May, Career Navigator; [email protected]

Thursdays – Chris Payne, Program Director; [email protected]

Scheduled appointments are preferred, but will accept walk ins.

Arizona Career Pathways is following Maricopa Community College guidelines for the Coronavirus Pandemic, posted on their website.

Maricopa Community College Guidelines

Please do not come to the office if you are not feeling well, and do not bring family or friends to the office with you as this only increases risk of contamination for all concerned.

Thank you for your consideration.


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