“I am a single mother. They helped me be able to finish my degree without fear of losing my home, or getting my electricity shut off. They do more than just provide financial recovery, they provide a chance, an opportunity that schools and the federal government doesn’t.”

– Diagnostic Medical Sonography Student

“I think most importantly I love how they truly want us to succeed. You can feel the genuineness from all the staff.”

– Nursing Student


  1. I’m glad you reached out! Ever since doing the A+ with your program I’ve been relentlessly pursuing more certification and education on the subjects and transferred into a degree program, I did an externship and much more. I wasn’t very serious about IT/Cyber when I started the class with Maricopa but it helped me realize my newfound passion and I’m doing everything I can to continue to grow in this new field.
    Cyber Security Teacher

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